Co-morbidities associated with obstructive sleep apnea

V K Vijayan


There are many co-morbid conditions that are associated with obstructive sleep apnea
(OSA). Though a causative relationship between OSA and some of the co-morbidities
is well established or strongly associated, many risk factors of OSA (age, male gender
and obesity) are also known risk factors especially for cardiovascular diseases. Other
important co-morbid conditions associated with OSA are neurocognitive dysfunction
and, erectile dysfunction. Recently there are reports that ocular manifestations are
associated with OSA. It is expected that more co-morbidities will be reported in OSA as
the research in this area progresses.
Key words: Co-morbidities in OSA, Hypertension, Cardiac arrhythmias, Stoke,
Erectile dysfunction

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